During the 30 years of my career in IT all my positions had a few things in common. So I think over the years, I got really good at them:
- I get excited by exciting people
- I like to distill down complicated subjects to what really matters
- I enjoy working in an international environment
- I love technology
If these are traits you are interested in, feel free to contact me.

After getting into security with my company ILDS a while back, I quickly realised how bad things are in terms of keeping control of your digital identity. Hence I now spend some of my time helping individuals and small organisations becoming aware of the fact to what extend they are a target of the data thief's out there and how they can break free from the siege they're under.

Outside of IT I am practicing and teaching Karate since the age of 15 and enjoy playing the Guitar. On the more technical side of things I am interested in building and flying radio controlled model helicopters. And to round it all up, I always enjoy good food and a glass of a piedmontese red.

If you want to email me securely, here's my public key and certificate:

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